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Carbs Honda VF1000F 1984-1986
Carbs Honda VF500F 1984-1986
Carbs VFR750F O.E Ref. 16100-MZ7-710 (Flat Slide 34mm)
Carbs CB600 Hornet O.E Ref. 16100-MBZ-610
Carbs CB750F2 1992-2002 O.E Ref 16100-MW3-600
Carbs CB750F2 1992-2002 O.E Ref 16100-MW3-A80
Carbs VF750C O.E Ref. 16100-MZ5-610
Carbs VF750C O.E Ref. 16100-MZ5-700
Carbs VF750C O.E Ref. 16100-MZ5-690
Carb Honda ATC200S 1984-1986
Carb Honda SCV100 Lead O.E Ref. 16100-KRP-982
Carb Honda CD250 U
Carb Honda ANF125 Annova O.E Ref. 16100-KPH-903
Carb Honda MTX80RFD,RFE,RFF 1983-1985
Carb Honda PA50 Camino
No Image Online Yet
Carb Honda 48mm Mounting Holes20mm Slide Keihin Like 221900
Carb Honda CG125 (No Accelerator Pump) (48mm Mounting Holes)
Carb Suzuki GS125 (Diaprhagm Type)
Carb Honda NH80 Lead O.E Ref. 16100-GC8-305
Carb Suzuki GS125 (Slide Type)
Electronic Choke for Scooters GY6
Electronic Choke for Scooters Jog
Electronic Choke for Scooters DIO
Electronic Choke for Scooters CVK SR 50

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